Yoga is great for both the mind and body. Yoga teaches you to focus on
your breath and to move your body with your breath. You will be encouraged to
release the thoughts running through your mind to find a place of calmness
where your mind can focus on your breathing and movement of your body.
A Yoga session with The Training Toole consists of breathing exercises, a warmup,
basic poses every yogi needs to know with some vinyasa (flowing from one
pose to the next) and restorative poses to cool down and move into the
relaxation phase. The Training Toole teaches Yoga in a gentle way. She wants
you to allow your body to find openness and flexibility by descriptive cuing and
light physical touch.

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I have been doing yoga with Amber for over a year now. She designs my workouts to focus on areas that I want to work on and she has set a pace so that I can advance my level without feeling like it is too difficult. As a result I… Read More