Stress and How Your Body Reacts

We’re heading into a busy time of year with school starting, new schedules and football season! You may be feeling some pressure with all of the change.  And maybe you think you should just toughen up and push through it.  Guess what?!  You can’t do it!  That’s because stress isn’t… Read More

10 Rules of Gym Etiquette

As we enter the New Year, many new people will be going to the gym. That’s great! If you are a newbie, I’m excited for you to start your journey! Be careful and make sure to check out my tips on starting out in this blog post. All of us… Read More

Physical Activity Guidelines

Did you know that there are guidelines for how much physical activity you should do? According to the CDC, for the year of 2016, 51.7% of adults met the Physical Activity Guidelines for aerobic physical activity. Of those half, only 21.7% met the guidelines for muscle strengthening. These are the… Read More

How To Increase Energy

Do you feel exhausted and run down? I find that this has become a common feeling for many people in today’s world. We push and run and pack our schedules too full. At the end of the day, we are left with nothing. If you find that you are looking… Read More

Emotional Eating and a Hurricane

We just went through a major hurricane in Florida and it created anxiety and stress for a week before it hit.  We knew it was coming, we knew it was going to be bad, and we had to prepare.  As stores closed for days, gas and water were gone, we… Read More

My ACL Journey

On January 28, 2017, I tore my right ACL while snow skiing.  I was in Ellicottville, New York, my second day on the slopes.  I did take a beginner class the day before and had done fairly well.  I was in a beginner class the second day, but I was… Read More

Fitness Trackers

Fitness Trackers are all the rage and most of us have one strapped to our wrist or attached to our clothing.  I love mine and I do use it to track my fitness.  Although this is a great source of information, there are some drawbacks to the little devices. Accuracy… Read More

Unimportance of Scale Weight

Allowing your self worth and happiness to be determined by your scale weight is not only damaging, but also pointless. You scale weight fluctuates and is not a true measure of progress or failure. Once you understand why your scale weight goes up and down, you’ll understand why it is… Read More

Weight Loss Products and Supplements

I am constantly approached by people who want me to be a part of their team and sell a product promising weight loss. Have you ever noticed that I don’t sell products or align my brand with another company? There’s a reason I don’t. THERE IS NO MAGIC There is… Read More

Packing Healthy Food for Travel

Trying to eat healthy while traveling can be challenging.  Your mode of transportation also dictates what you are able to pack.  Here are a few tips I have found that keep me on my nutrition plan while traveling. Driving Pack a cooler when you are driving.  I have several size… Read More