Weight Loss Keys

As a Personal Trainer in Ocala, one of the most frequent reasons people hire me is for weight loss. I get asked the most questions about how to lose weight. I get asked about every fad diet, workout craze, supplement and <dreaded> MLM product out there. When I tell people… Read More

My First Experience with a Life Coach

My life is great!  I love my job, love going to see my clients each day and I have a very successful business.  I’m happy in my personal life.  I enjoy marriage and have some pretty great friends.  Sure, there are a few areas where I struggle.  I certainly want… Read More

Nothing is more important than your health

When I began my business, my tagline was “Nothing is more important than your health!”  I believed that no matter what you had, money, a successful career, a happy family, none of that could supersede being healthy.  Now, with over ten years of experience in personal training, being in people’s… Read More

How Snacking Can Derail Your Weight Loss Progress

Snacks are a wonderful addition to your healthy eating plan.  Snacks in between meals can help you keep hunger at bay and can also help you get the appropriate amount of macronutrients for the day.  Depending upon your caloric intake needs, snacks are usually somewhere between 150 – 200 calories… Read More

Adding Variety To Your Workouts

Are you bored with your workout?  It is time to break out of the rut!  There are many training methods and variations.  So many that you should be able to create a workout plan that keeps you motivated and interested. You may want to add in a few new exercises… Read More

Fat Loss Tips

If your goal is fat loss, there are habits that you need to establish as a part of your healthy lifestyle.   True fat loss takes time, especially if you have a large amount of fat to lose.  One major factor of fat reduction and maintenance of a healthy body… Read More

Meal Planning: A Guide to Help You Get Started

The key to successfully eating healthy is to plan and prepare.  In this blog post, I am going to take you through how I create meals for an entire week. The first step is to choose what meals you want to create for that week.  Keep it simple!  You don’t… Read More

Exercising While Pregnant

As a Personal Trainer in Ocala, I have trained woman both during and after pregnancy.  There are basic guidelines to follow when you are exercising while pregnant.  It is safe and can help make labor and delivery a little easier.     The very first thing you need to do… Read More

Principle of Progression

One of the general principles of exercise is the principle of progression.  I would like to address why this principle is important, especially to those of you who are exercising without guidance from a professional.   ACE explains the principle of progression: “as the body adapts to the exercise program you must… Read More

Is Certification Important?

I have been a Certified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer for 21 years.  Certification is important to me.  I feel that maintaining my Certification shows that I am striving to be professional and current.  Recently, I read another Fitness Coach’s comments about why he chose not to maintain Certification… Read More