Lucy J.

Lucy started her journey with us in Summer Fit Camp 2020.  After the Covid Lockdown, she had put on extra weight and was feeling sluggish and unhappy with her body.  Summer Fit Camp gave her a boost of energy and helped her drop 15 pounds!  She is part of our Tribe and has some great things to share with you about how her life is different now after joining our Tribe.

Hope M.

Hope loves our 8am Large Group Fitness class and has made so much progress since she started with the class.  She is thrilled with her results and will tell you about those.  She has the secret to living young….listen closely as she shares it with you.

Traci B.

I’ve used trainers for the past 26 years or so. Almost all promise a personal approach, but never, until Amber did I realize what it really means. The thing that stands out far above anyone I’ve trained with before, is that Amber truly cares about her clients. She’s a trainer that actually has a personal plan designed specifically for each and every individual student for each training session. All are customized and designed according to the individuals needs and concerns. From physical limitations to the mental and emotional challenges that sometimes change daily. She always jots a few notes during your session to help form the next work out plan. Also, she helps you to have a positive view of yourself which in turn helps you to continue towards achieving your goals. Her knowledge and guidance are based on her experience in education and nutrition and sports training. She herself is always happy, positive and upbeat. Hugely important when one is challenging you physically!

Moreover, I’m not as young as I’d like to think, but Amber is patient with my progression, adapts to my physical limitations and my ever-changing mood. She does it all while continuing to push me to greater strength, flexibility and stamina. She’s attentive to my activities in the days between our sessions, anticipating potential difficulties and personalizing my session to my actual needs at the time, changing it as necessary. All of this done in a judgment free zone. If you’re looking for someone dedicated and passionate about her craft while helping you to be the best possible version of yourself, look no further – Amber is your personal trainer and the ultimate training Toole!

Judy H.

Miss Judy started out with us in 2005 after she saw our Summer Fit Camp featured in the Ocala Star Banner.  She has attended every year since!  She is a great example of how staying active and fit helps you live a vibrant life all the way into your 80s!  Let her tell you how you, too, can feel like Superwoman (or Superman!)

Pam S.

Pam came to us 6 months ago with 2 big goals – 12 & 38.  She wanted to get back into her size 12 clothes and she wanted to be able to climb the 38 stairs to her daughter’s condo without knee pain, struggling and being breathless before reaching the top.  By consistently taking our Group Exercise classes and following our balanced nutrition plan, Pam has crushed those goals!  Listen to her motivational testimony.


Rick L.


Rick joined The Training Toole Tribe in August of 2020 and to date has lost a total of 12 pounds.  He is part of our Group Personal Training classes where we focus on helping client move to the next level in their fitness in a group setting.  Rick always worked out on his own and had gotten stale and bored in his exercise routine.  Our classes have helped him enjoy working out again and have accelerated his results!  He also participates in our Mobility and Flexibility class where he has seen an increase in his flexibility.  Check out Rick’s personal testimonial.

Nancy M.

Nancy joined our SUPERior Fit Camp that we have each summer.  She loved the group so much and listen to the results she got from training with us and implementing our Nutrition Plan.


Kathy Cline

Amber Toole has to be the BEST trainer anyone could possibly imagine.  100% of the time she arrives at my house for personal training or at her studio for classes with a happy smile and a super upbeat attitude to motivate you to exercise.  She is extremely thoughtful and knowledgeable when you are struggling with an injury or lack of knowledge about equipment, etc.  Amber’s nutritional background is amazing.

Amber is my trainer and also a friend.  I’ve been training with her for over 2 years and look forward to many, many more.