Pam S.

Pam came to us 6 months ago with 2 big goals – 12 & 38.  She wanted to get back into her size 12 clothes and she wanted to be able to climb the 38 stairs to her daughter’s condo without knee pain, struggling and being breathless before reaching the top.  By consistently taking our Group Exercise classes and following our balanced nutrition plan, Pam has crushed those goals!  Listen to her motivational testimony.


Rick L.


Rick joined The Training Toole Tribe in August of 2020 and to date has lost a total of 12 pounds.  He is part of our Group Personal Training classes where we focus on helping client move to the next level in their fitness in a group setting.  Rick always worked out on his own and had gotten stale and bored in his exercise routine.  Our classes have helped him enjoy working out again and have accelerated his results!  He also participates in our Mobility and Flexibility class where he has seen an increase in his flexibility.  Check out Rick’s personal testimonial.

Nancy M.

Nancy joined our SUPERior Fit Camp that we have each summer.  She loved the group so much and listen to the results she got from training with us and implementing our Nutrition Plan.


Kathy Cline

Amber Toole has to be the BEST trainer anyone could possibly imagine.  100% of the time she arrives at my house for personal training or at her studio for classes with a happy smile and a super upbeat attitude to motivate you to exercise.  She is extremely thoughtful and knowledgeable when you are struggling with an injury or lack of knowledge about equipment, etc.  Amber’s nutritional background is amazing.

Amber is my trainer and also a friend.  I’ve been training with her for over 2 years and look forward to many, many more.

Richard Boelter

Amber has been and continues to be a GREAT personal trainer for an old guy like me!  As an older man who has 2 bad knees, some back problems and would prefer to be puttering in my garage or watching TV, Amber has been a great combination of knowledge and motivation.  She helped me with developing good exercise habits and better eating choices.  She has pushed my strength limits without injury and on top of all that, she is very nice, but will only let me get away with so much!  Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration.

Richard Boelter

Paula A.

The Training Toole – Best Thing I’ve Ever Done for Myself!
I called the Training Toole last spring – 2016. Why? I literally was in the worst shape of my life. I needed help and did not have the confidence to embark on my fitness alone. Calling The Training Toole was the best thing I ever did!! Why? Let me count the reasons:
Goals – I have very specific goals I’m working on and they’re addressed at every session keeping me highly motivated, focused and reminded why I’m doing what I’m doing! The exercises are varied but always targeted to achieve my goals.
Education – The Training Toole is formally educated in physical fitness. Even more impressive is the continuing education on all facets of health AND the sharing of information. I have learned so much!
Continuity – I do workouts on the Training Toole website, too. It’s all there and for every fitness level.
It Works! – my life has gone from zero activity, no muscle strength, and no cardio fitness to a lifestyle of activity! Hiking, biking, walking, etc. have become my life style now and I LOVE IT! I thank The Training Toole again and again!


Paula A.

Sade Krind

As a teacher, I can tell you that Amber has a strong understanding of the importance of what we in the education field call “differentiation”. In her group classes (which I highly recommend, as they are amazing), she’ll introduce a new exercise, and then show modifications to make them low impact or more challenging, depending on your ability level. When other fitness professionals would tell you to “push through the pain”, Amber takes a very client-centered approach.  She wants you to be strong and successful, without hurting yourself in the process. Amber is fun to be around; she makes you want to be fit!

Sally Smith

While Amber is both professional and very dependable, I think what really sets her apart from other trainers is that she makes fitness FUN! Even though her workouts are challenging, I NEVER dread them but honestly look forward to them and ALWAYS feel amazing afterwards. Her training does as much for me mentally and emotionally as it does physically. She is continually educating herself in the latest fitness news and trends and ALWAYS has something new and fresh to incorporate into her training. Every workout is customized to YOU, based on YOUR limitations, injuries, age, size, fitness level,  fitness goals, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. She comes to each workout full of positive energy and excited about how she can help you be the best version of YOU. No matter your fitness goal Amber can get you there and she is with you every step of the way, cheering you on. I highly recommend The Training Toole and as I always tell her “I hope I can train with you til I’m 100!”