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It is very real. Things that are worth doing typically don’t come easy or quick is the mantra you need to have in your fitness motivation dialog. I can’t tell you how many times I hear about how sore someone is or how they made the wrong food choice the night before. Man! We all do. We all get sore, we all aren’t perfect eaters, we are imperfect humans and we suck a lot of the time. The key is to not let the suck define you! Rise above the suck, if you will and get on with it. 

This is us…I am motivated. I am sore a lot. I don’t eat great all of the time. I am strong.  I will keep pushing myself. I will celebrate small victories like they are monumental milestones. 

We are all struggling!  With family, food, fitness, emotions, money or just life in general. But we have each other. Community is the best antidote for the struggle. I always tend to feel better when I hear that someone else feels the way I do about something. You know the saying, misery loves company. It’s so true! But let’s not sit around and feel sorry for ourselves let’s work together to build each other up.  I am a total introvert, shy and socially awkward. SHOCKING! I KNOW! But I do enjoy community, the encouragement received and given. The love given and received by other strugglers is the best thing ever! I would encourage you to find a community, a group of self-strugglers. These kinds of groups of people are typically very welcoming and love newbies. 

Come see us at the Training Toole, we all struggle! Sometimes we struggle just to get out of bed early mornings for a 5am class or to drag in after work for a 6pm class, but I have never seen anyone come through our doors and not feel welcomed.  

Embrace the struggle! Make it work for you instead of you working against it. ☺

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