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Last post I asked several questions, I have one more. How important are you, to yourself?  Typically we try, (well some more than others,) to be and feel important. It’s just built in to our human nature, whether it’s our family, work or community surroundings, we like to feel important.  We take care of others; we show up and work hard for that big promotion or for that ever important client. We spend countless hours pouring ourselves into our kids, spouses, friends, church and families. We typically pride ourselves at only being a phone call away for those in need. Not that any of those fuels the desire of importance but it is definitely there.  Now consider that same drive you have for everyone else and ask yourself, do I show up for myself as much as I do for others? I’ll wait here while you think about it for a minute. 

It took me a long time to discover that if I didn’t make my own needs a priority I wasn’t able to be my best person for others. You can be selfless while taking self-care. I’m always telling other people to “take care”, if it is important enough for me to preach it, I should be living it!  There is one quote that I love: 

“Think of your workouts as an important meeting you’ve scheduled with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel.”

  So there’s that. Some of the excuses I’ve heard for missed workouts would never be spoken if the self-importance was there.  You can only be as good as your body and mind is strong. Stop selling yourself short and start making yourself as important as you make other people. Just show up!

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