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When I began my business, my tagline was “Nothing is more important than your health!”  I believed that no matter what you had, money, a successful career, a happy family, none of that could supersede being healthy.  Now, with over ten years of experience in personal training, being in people’s lives for numerous years and watching them as they make good and bad choices affecting their health, I am even more convinced that great health should top the list of what we strive for.

This past week, I was faced with a very real possibility that I could lose a client.  Not that they would stop training with me, but that they are very close to death if some medical procedures do not work.  I have known this client for many years.  When I got the news, all I could do was cry.  My heart was broken and I hurt for my client and for his family.  It’s been a tough road for them as my client has dealt with many health issues the entire time I’ve worked with him.  A couple of months ago, we had a conversation about how exercise and a healthy diet weren’t in the forefront of his mind growing up.  It just wasn’t a focus of his generation.  And as he grew to become an adult, he just continued on the path he was taught, to work hard and provide for his family.  It wasn’t until he was dealing with serious health problems that his wife began to change their diet and they searched for someone to help with the physical activity.  He and I talked about how now, it is common knowledge that we need to move our bodies daily and eat a well balanced and healthful diet.  We have so much information now and we know that food and movement can help us live longer with less disease.

I am watching people I love make terrible choices when it comes to their health.  I cannot tell you how hard it is to watch and to know that if they do not make changes, serious disease and possibly early death is in their future.  I see several of my clients struggle with movement, not able to walk normally or get off the floor.  I see how all of the many food and beverage choices we have are creating issues with obesity and high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I watch parents make decisions that adversely affect their health as well as their children’s.

It is time that we take a stand and make health a priority. We can’t go back in time and erase the damage we have already done.  But, we can make our bodies stronger and healthier by starting now.  It is never too late to start!  Yes, you should certainly do it for yourself.  But, I also want you to think about the people who love you and who want you to be here, living a great life with them.  Don’t forget that you mean the world to someone and I can guarantee those people want you to do all you can to stay here with them.  Isn’t it time we all made better choices?

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