Nothing is more important than your health

When I began my business, my tagline was “Nothing is more important than your health!”  I believed that no matter what you had, money, a successful career, a happy family, none of that could supersede being healthy.  Now, with over ten years of experience in personal training, being in people’s… Read More

Principle of Progression

One of the general principles of exercise is the principle of progression.  I would like to address why this principle is important, especially to those of you who are exercising without guidance from a professional.   ACE explains the principle of progression: “as the body adapts to the exercise program you must… Read More


Welcome to The Training Toole’s blog!  I decided that I needed to start blogging to share some of the many encounters I have with people trying to change their lives.  Every day I train people and try to help them reach their health and fitness goals.  It’s a project for… Read More