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My life is great!  I love my job, love going to see my clients each day and I have a very successful business.  I’m happy in my personal life.  I enjoy marriage and have some pretty great friends.  Sure, there are a few areas where I struggle.  I certainly want to improve these areas and am trying to learn techniques to create positive changes.  I want to be a better person which takes focus and work. But overall, I’m happy.  So why do I have this nagging feeling that I need to do more; that I’m missing something somewhere?  I just couldn’t figure it out.

I started to consider hiring a Life Coach.  Maybe I need to turn this over to a professional who could help me figure out what I needed to do.  Then I would think, “Really, Amber, is this necessary?  Your life is fine.  You just need to keep pressing forward and work on all the areas you want to improve.”  Still, that unsettled feeling remained.

I am a believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences in life.  I had noticed that one of my friends, Lindsey, had started her new business as a Life Coach (  She had been writing a fantastic blog and now she was helping others get their life in order.  I considered contacting her.  Would you believe that the following week I open my email to see that she had emailed me.  She was reaching out to see if I had any clients who might need some Life Coaching.  I just smiled and immediately wrote her back to say I was the one who needed help.

I did not know what to expect from our first meeting.  In fact, I tried to schedule a date for coffee or lunch.  We ended up doing a telephone consultation (which unbeknownst to me is fairly common.)  We chatted a bit and did some catching up and then came the questions.  Lindsey started off with some basic questions, just getting a feel for what I had on my mind.  It didn’t take long for me to start telling her tons of information.  I had a lot of words to get out and feelings about life that needed to be verbalized.  I felt like I kept going out on little rabbit trails from each question she asked.  I covered so many topics!

In the midst of our conversation, Lindsey really made some pertinent facts clear.  I certainly had an a-ha moment and this was just our consultation!  I was very excited to let these very clear ideas sink in and marinate for a bit.  I wanted to see what my mind could create with these new ideas.

I immediately started to make a plan for how I could implement these ideas into my life.  I had three I really wanted to focus on: creating boundaries, defining my vision of success, and creating my perfect schedule. I really liked that Lindsey told me that some of my goals would take time to accomplish.  Perhaps years would pass before I attained my perfect schedule.  Just her voicing that allowed me to release the anxiety I started to feel about changing my world.

Since my consultation with Lindsey, I have implemented several boundaries I needed that will over time help me to develop that perfect schedule I have in mind.  I also realized that I was missing out on some activities because I had focused on the monetary value instead of the enjoyment value.  I made some small changes that already are moving me in the direction I want to go.

I have my next appointment scheduled and I can’t wait to see what motivation I get from talking with Lindsey again!  I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with a Life Coach and I definitely see the value in having a professional help work through your thoughts and feelings to get started toward living the life you dream of.

Lindsey is wonderful and she offers a free coaching call to anyone who is interested.  You can email her at or find her on Facebook here.

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