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I met with a new client today.  I left feeling upbeat and excited for our first session.  She was so excited to begin and her excitement was contagious.  It got me thinking about how great our workouts could be if we just showed up with that much enthusiasm each time.

Many times, I’m dragging myself into the gym, thinking about all the things I need to do and how tired I am and how sore I already am and how this hour could be used for something else.  Don’t I sound like a whiney child?  It’s like pulling teeth to get myself motivated and started with the workout.  What a drag for my workout partners and my trainer!  What can I do to stop shlepping up to those glass doors?

I need to become aware of my attitude.  Instead of looking at my workout as something I HAVE to do, I need to realize how much I WANT to do it.  I want to be there, getting stronger and more fit.  I want to reach my goal and that won’t happen unless I train for it.  And honestly, how lucky am I that I can walk into the gym without assistance, that I am a healthy weight and that there is a support group there waiting to cheer me on?  I’ve been around people who would love to workout but are not able to due to a severe injury or a disability.  I’ve watched the Biggest Loser and I have seen how hard those contestants push to reach their goal and with a significant amount of excessive weight and fat.  I have watched people struggle to lead a healthy lifestyle while being sabotaged by their loved ones.  I should be thankful and positive and running for those doors!!

One fact I know is that I NEVER regret working out.  I always finish feeling better, more positive, and stronger.  I feel successful and accomplished.  It feels good to sweat and get the toxins out.  Even on those days when I am slammed and sleep-deprived, I still leave feeling better.

My commitment to better myself begins with myself.  It’s up to me to recognize the benefits I get from choosing to be active.  It is also up to me to change my negative attitude.  When I pull into the gym parking lot and grab a space, I will do so with a smile.  I’ll take a deep breath, focus on the positive and sprint for the door.  It’s time to get my sweat on!

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