Safe weight loss is a journey and can be achieved with proper caloric intake, daily movement and positive behavior change.  The Training Toole believes in teaching her clients how to create a healthy lifestyle that will result in weight loss without the use of fad diets and supplements or weight loss scams.  Weight loss plans are designed to create a change with healthier habits. The client will learn what to eat, the best exercises for weight loss and how to implement small changes throughout the journey to be successful for the long term.

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Rick L.

  Rick joined The Training Toole Tribe in August of 2020 and to date has lost a total of 12 pounds.  He is part of our Group Personal Training classes where we focus on helping client move to the next level in their fitness in a group setting.  Rick always… Read More

Alyssa J.

  See her Testimonial Video to hear more about Alyssa’s journey at The Training Toole.