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As a Personal Trainer in Ocala, I have trained woman both during and after pregnancy.  There are basic guidelines to follow when you are exercising while pregnant.  It is safe and can help make labor and delivery a little easier.  

The very first thing you need to do is talk with your doctor about staying active during pregnancy.  As long as you are healthy most doctors will give you permission.

Once the doctor has cleared you, find something you enjoy doing and that feels comfortable.  Most of my clients just continued with the plan they were already on.  We make adjustments as their body changes or when a certain exercise does not feel comfortable.  

I see a couple of commonalities between my pregnant clients.  The first noticeable change (within the first trimester) is they become winded fairly quickly.  The modification for this is to take a little extra time to rest in between exercises.  Once they are breathing better, we move on. 

Another common discomfort is a pulling feeling through the abdominals with overhead exercises.  There are a few modifications for this. First, you can try to do the exercise while seated.  If that does not help, try one arm at a time.  If there is still discomfort, then a new exercise needs to be performed.  For example, instead of overhead shoulder press, do lateral raises or front raises.  Instead of overhead triceps extensions, do triceps dips or triceps kickbacks.  

It is safe to perform abdominal crunches, however there are a few guidelines to follow.  You should not lie on your back for long periods of time.  I usually have my clients only perform 1 or 2 sets of crunches and then return to a standing or seated position.  You can also do planks and side planks as long as you do not feel pain in the back.  We do not do a whole lot of abdominal work, just a few sets to focus on core engagement.  

Most women will agree that there is a great deal of fatigue associated with being pregnant.  Even on those days when my clients have felt drained and exhausted, I have seen them leave the session feeling much better and a little more energized.  It is not always easy to make yourself workout when you are feeling so tired, but it will definitely make a difference.  

Most of my clients continued to run (one even completed a half marathon!), take Spin classes, and weight train up until they gave birth.  Exercise is important for you and for the baby!  It will keep you strong, energized, and less stressed.  A healthy Mom is good for everyone. 



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