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I train a variety of people.  I have very fit individuals who have awesome bodies.  I have overweight clients who are working toward the goal of losing weight.  I have teenagers getting in better shape to master their sport.  I have stressed out Moms looking for an outlet and a way to stay balanced for their families.  I have people with health issues that are trying to better their chance of living.  I have competitors.  And they all struggle.  Each person has their own story, their own obstacles, and their own goals.  No matter the circumstance, each of them deals with something that is difficult, and something they don’t like about themselves.

I can’t tell you how many times I have sat listening to a client who is crying or angry because they are not where they want to be physically.  It is hard and very frustrating when you are trying your best to reach your goals.  People need support and help (and sometimes a hug.)

I don’t know when we are taught that it is acceptable to make fun of others.  It’s not.  Before you look at a person and judge them for how they look, think about their story.  My bet is, they have one!  From my experience, the stories are deep and personal and sometimes something I would have never guessed about that person.  You never know where a person has been or what they have been through.  I encourage you to be positive and supportive of others.  

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