The Training Toole encourages balanced eating incorporating all food groups.  We believe in fueling the body with the appropriate amount of calories and macronutrients.  We do not promote supplements or products.  There are several Programs you can choose from to learn The Training Toole way of Nutrition and Healthy Eating.

Meal Plans

  • Generalized Healthy Eating plans
  • Menu Plan, Recipe Manual, Shopping Lists
  • Encourages healthful eating through whole foods, balanced nutrition and delicious recipes
  • Click HERE to see our available Meal Plans

Little Black Dress, D3, 28 Day Transformation, 6 Weeks 2 Fit Programs 

  • Special 4- and 6-week Programs offered at specific times throughout the year
  • Success Manual, Recipe Manual, Menu Plan, Shopping Lists
  • Complete Support from our team throughout the Program including success meetings, phone calls, daily emails and special workouts
  • Join our email list to find out when we are offering these programs and check our Upcoming Events page

Nutrition Coaching

  • Personalized Coaching to help you with mindset, habits and learning the proper Nutrition Plan needed to reach your specific goals
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Bi-Monthly weigh-ins and pictures
  • Education on proper Nutrition for a lifetime of healthful eating
  • Click HERE to sign up for Nutrition Coaching
  • If you are currently in Nutrition Coaching, please click below to fill out your daily form

Nutrition Coaching Check-in


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