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I started training with Amber when I was 4 months pregnant. My goal was to stay healthy and active during my pregnancy in the hopes that I would feel better physically and emotionally, and have more energy. Amber was excellent throughout my entire pregnancy! She challenged me each workout, but was always very conscious and careful of certain exercises due to my pregnancy. She spent a lot of time researching different exercises that were safe to do while pregnant. She also never pushed me to do something that was uncomfortable or didn’t feel right, she would modify as necessary. I wholeheartedly believe that because of my workouts with Amber my delivery and recovery went so well. I was very lucky!!
I have been working out with Amber ever since, going on 3 years now and I am always happy with my results. I am in the best shape of my life, and thinner and more toned than before I was pregnant! I really enjoy that she always keeps the workouts exciting and challenging. I never get bored and am always looking forward to our meetings! I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a knowledgeable, dedicated and fun trainer (during pregnancy or not) who truly cares about her clients happiness and results.