LeeAnne is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and is studying for her ACE Fitness Nutrition Certification.  She teaches Small Group Personal Training classes that are sure to get you stronger and feeling awesome.

LeeAnne says, “I enjoy training because it’s an opportunity to build relationships with people and encourage them to recognize their strengths, help them with goals, and educate them on ways to lead healthy lifestyles. Understanding and implementing proper nutrition is key to not only maintaining a healthy weight, but also for decreasing health risks and using nutrition as a means for energy throughout our day in all types of activities. With our Information Age, we are discovering healthy meals that are very satisfying. Variety is truly the spice of life, so mix up your meals. The key is balance, so always include plenty of fruits and veggies (my favorites are roasted with a small amount of EVOO and Himalayan salt), seafood and other healthy fats such as avocado (my go-to), and complex carbs, essential for energy turnover.

Even though I sometimes have to talk myself into exercising, I ALWAYS feel good afterwards, knowing I’m taking care of myself. I enjoy playing tennis, boating, hiking, working in my yard, and watching sports.”