6 - Week Premium

Group Personal Training Experience

Our Group Personal Training Experience allows you to participate in our customized Personal Training class with other people who are focused and ready to work toward their fitness and health goals. You'll be in it together as you train smarter with attention to form and technique and a program designed to get amazing results faster.

(Starting Soon - August 22)

Customized Programs Designed for Maximum Results!

Smaller Class Size for more individualized attention from our caring, professional and supportive Coaches.

Fun, energizing sessions with a variety of movement techniques to help you gain strength, mobility, flexibility and reduce pain and stiffness.

Safe supervision from Ocala's best Fitness Professionals who customize the workouts for you, your body and your individual needs.

Functional, real world training for your life! Get fit and prepare to live a full, vibrant life without flipping tires, throwing weights around or doing crazy, exhausting workouts.

Monday + Wednesday 9am class

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Monday + Wednesday

6:45pm class

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Tuesday + Thursday

5:15am class