Many people who train with The Training Toole do so for the purpose of
being healthier and fitter. General Fitness incorporates all aspects of fitness:
body composition, flexibility, balance, muscular endurance and strength and
cardiovascular endurance. Workouts are designed to create a healthier lifestyle
for the client.

We have several different ways to help you get healthy. We offer a variety of classes each month, Small Group Personal Training, Yoga, and Run Club (which is free of charge). To find a class that fits with your schedule, view this month’s calendar below and then sign up for the classes you would like to attend.

June 2018 Training Toole Class Schedule

July 2018 Training Toole Class Schedule


Class Schedule

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Sally Smith

While Amber is both professional and very dependable, I think what really sets her apart from other trainers is that she makes fitness FUN! Even though her workouts are challenging, I NEVER dread them but honestly look… Read More

Sadie Fitzpatrick

I began training with Amber to get in tip-top shape for my wedding, and gained so much in the process. Not only did I gain lean muscle, I also learned how to work out efficiently,… Read More

Mary Thomas

I have trained with Amber Toole for about 10 years now and am very pleased with her knowledge, ability to motivate me and she always goes the extra mile to help me with private training…. Read More